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About Us


Extraordinary efficiency and comfort

Imadi’s Elevators & Solar Engineers is Hyderabad’s leading vertical transportation service provider. We provide exceptional elevator and escalator services by using innovative technologies that are of international standards and also suit Indian requirements. Offering the best vertical transportation services that make a building successful, we are a leader in the design and application of lift and escalator systems for high-rise structures and transportation hubs.

Rely on us to provide brilliant elevator and escalator services for all types of buildings- residential, commercial, educational, hotels, retail, hospitals, etc. For every elevator and escalator that we design, we take a wide range of factors into consideration. These include- client needs, occupancy levels, cabin capacity, efficiency, smart power supply, affordability, etc.

About Us

Our Vision

To improve and enhance vertical transportation helping people move faster.

Our Mission

Creating powerful lifts and escalators that are affordable, efficient and comfortable.

Our Team

Our team consists of elevator and escalator professionals and engineers that are experts at their craft. Designing, crafting and providing unparalleled lifts and escalators, our team is dedicated to providing the best vertical systems in India

Solar Elevators & Escalators

Imadi’s Elevators & Solar Engineers offers exceptional elevators and escalators that are powered by solar energy. Our Solar Elevators can run on solar energy or a combination of both based on the configuration and availability of sunlight. Solar panels are positioned in sunlight to generate power that is required to run these lifts and escalators. Providing superior quality services, we bring you the most advanced Solar Energy lifts and escalators at pocket-friendly prices.